5 Ways To Get Started On Losing Weight

If you were anything like me and fell off the wagon this summer, and now that it's September, the kids are back in school, my daughter's back in school, you feel like you can get back to routine.

I wanted to give you five tips basically to help you get started back on track to losing weight.

#1- Make The Decision

The first thing that you need to do is make the decision that you're going to lose weight. It can't be like, “Well…. it would be nice to lose weight,” or, “I'm thinking about it, it has to be a decision! “You have to be thinking… this is going to be my year, my month, this is it. I am actually going to get in shape and feel good for once. “

The next thing you want to do after you have made a firm decision is to write down your goal.  So whether it's, say you want to lose 20 pounds, 25 pounds, 10 pounds, whatever it is, write down your goal on a piece of paper and write down whyyou want to achieve it.

Your why could be that you want to have more energy, or be able to play with your kids, or feel better in your skin when you look at yourself in the mirror, or that you have a hot vacation coming up that you want to look good in a bathing suit? 

You want to write down what it is that you want to do, your goal, and you want to put a why to it as to really why you want to achieve your goal.

The next thing I always like to tell people to do is find a picture in a magazine of someone that you want to look like. Cut out the picture, and paste it on the fridge or on the cupboard or the bathroom mirror, basically anywhere you can always see it visually, so that it reminds you of your goal. This is key to your success. This picture will bring you back to your goal and your WHY.  So every time you open the fridge or walk by the picture, it will help you stay accountable to your goal. 


#2-  Find A Program To Follow(you need steps to accomplish your goal)

The second thing is, what you want to do to help you get started is you want to find a program to follow. Whether it's a program, like the fit n fab weight loss transformation program, or a personal trainer or any other program, you will need some framework in order to achieve your goal.  Most times if we don’t follow a program, we just end up winging it, we kind of end up results, we never end up with the results we want.  So find yourself a plan or a program so that you can get the best success possible in losing weight.


#3- Find Yourself An Accountability Partner

The third thing that is, super, super important, is that you want to find yourself an accountability partner. Whether it's a really good friend, your spouse or somebody that you see at the gym all the time. It could be anybody, somebody who I guess is really going to call you out on things, somebody who is in the same frame of mind, who you can talk to on a consistent basis to keep you accountable for your actions. 

Accountability is huge in weight loss because most times we make these decisions that we're going to lose weight, and it's all glorious at the beginning, but after two or three days or maybe a week, we tend to fall off a little bit, and that's where our accountability partner really steps it up a notch and really helps us stay on track, stay the course, and really stick to our goal. 

Make sure you find an accountability partner and somebody who's going to be there for your entire journey. 


#4- Just Get Started

You literally need to just start. Don't think you should start next month, next year, in two weeks, three weeks, or whatever  … You just need to literally just get started today! We're all going to make some mistakes. Things are going to happen. You're going to see great results, and then you might plateau a little bit, and then you lose more weight. It's a journey, and you literally just need to start, there's never going to be a good time. It really is ultimately you just and need to start now because the sooner you start, the faster you're going to get results.


#5- Reward Yourself Along The Way

The fifth thing is, once you've gotten started and once you're doing really good on your plan, you want to reward yourself along the way.  Whether you have a jar on the counter that you put money into every time you have small success in your journey.  Maybe you put a dollar in every time you go for a run, or go to the gym, or stick to your meal plan for 1 whole day or the week, etc.  Then after say two or three weeks, you could take it the money you have collected, and buy yourself some new workout clothes, or some new shoes or boots or maybe get your hair done or something along those lines, something that's going to make you feel good. Those little rewards as you go along just help you with your progress, help you stay accountable, help you stay the course, and just make you feel good along the way because you deserve it.

Those are my five tips to get you started in your weight loss journey. The first thing is just make the decision and write down a goal with a why.  Secondly find a program, so that you have a framework to follow, so that you have a guide to make sure you have success.  Third thing is accountability partner, so find somebody who's going to keep you accountable to all your goals and somebody who's actually just going to fully keep you accountable at all times. Fourth thing is literally just get started. Don't procrastinate. Fifth thing is give yourself little rewards for along the way.  That's it for that. I hope you guys have an amazing night, and I can't wait to chat with you again. All right, love you. Bye.


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