Honest LadyBoss Review | What you NEED to Know about LadyBoss

What is LadyBoss?

So LadyBoss has been around now, for I believe, like three or four years. You've probably seen the blonde girl on a lot of the Facebook ads. Her name is Kaitlin, she's the original LadyBoss.

Now, for myself, I've been actually involved with the LadyBoss community now for about like six to eight months, so it's been a while. So I have like a good idea of what LadyBoss is actually all about. I know I've been involved in all kinds of other weight loss programs. I've done pretty much everything under the sun.

So when I actually got into LadyBoss I was kind of expecting the same, but I really came out with something completely different.

So LadyBoss is completely different from anything out there. So basically it's a program that literally teaches you step-by-step what you actually need to do to lose weight. It's not a fad or some kind of quick fix diet that's maybe going to make you lose 20 pounds today and then, gain it all back tomorrow.

It gives you kind of the building blocks of what you actually need to do in order to lose weight and keep it off.

LadyBoss is broken up into two programs. There is the LadyBoss Trainer app, which it's not really an app, although I like to call it an app. It's like an app that you can actually basically get on your phone, or your tablet, or whatever and it has meal plans (which includes grocery lists), workouts (home or gym) and so much more!

There's so much stuff in the LadyBoss Trainer, it's actually crazy. It actually teaches you how to order at restaurants in order to like stay within your weight loss goals, which is really cool. So, that is the LadyBoss Trainer.

Now, the other program that she has is, what's called, the 28 Day Challenge. So, this is fairly new to 2019. So, basically, what it is, it's kind of like the trainer but it's definitely more in depth.

If you're looking to start with LadyBoss, I would highly, highly suggest starting with the  28 Day Program.

So, basically, it's a four week program. It really breaks things down into super, super simple steps that you can actually achieve every day, which is amazing.

The first week really works on your mindset. The second week you really work on your food meal prepping because you know how we all hate meal prepping. It's like the number one thing that we hate to do. The third week is really working on exercise and working out and what do you can actually accomplish. And the fourth week is called Sparkle, and that's where you really kind of give back to the community, which is a really amazing week.

So if you're looking to start with LadyBoss, highly suggest again starting with the LadyBoss 28 Day Challenge, and then moving over to the LadyBoss Trainer.

Can You Lose Weight With LadyBoss?

So the second biggest question is, can you actually lose weight with LadyBoss? So I know, I personally, seen women lose like 20, 30, 40, 50, even like 100 pounds. There is so many amazing women in there that are just doing absolutely amazing.

The transformation that I've seen in these women is over the top. A lot of times these women come in and they have no self esteem. They're confused as to what to eat because they've tried so many fad diets. They've go on the no carb, or the no fat, or just like all these crazy fad diets that are out there that this is a completely different way of thinking.


The cool thing about LadyBoss is it actually fits into your busy lifestyle. Because most times we're all so busy with the kids, sports, and work, and like everything else that as life goes on this literally fits into your lifestyle.

LadyBoss also has products. There is LadyBoss Lean, LadyBoss Fuel, LadyBoss Greens, LadyBoss Burn, LadyBoss Recover and LadyBoss Rest.  Now, you don't actually have to use the products in order to go through the program, but I use the products, I love them.

My favourite product, is LadyBoss Lean because you can pretty much use it for anything. I use it for my shakes, I put it in my oatmeal, I make ice coffee with it. It tastes so freaking good.

And I like to use it when I'm kind of craving something sweet, but I know that I don't want to kind of ruin everything that I've done that day. So, that's sometimes when I use the Lean.


LadyBoss has 2 programs to get started, 28 Day Challenge and the LadyBoss Trainer.  The program no only helps you lose weight but has a community of amazing women who are all there to support one another.

As a LadyBoss we are all taught to encourage and love one another which is super important especially when we are starting our weight loss journey.  We all need that encouragement and it's super important to actually surround yourself with people that are going through the exact same thing as you.

So if your looking to lose weight and love yourself again, please check out the 28 Day Challenge 🙂

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