First 30 Days LadyBoss Lean

Hey there, this is Lyndsay from Fit and Fabulous and today I'm going to be talking about my 30 day review with a LadyBoss Lean. So it was officially 30 days ago that I got my First LadyBoss Lean in the mail and I tried it. I tried it with you guys on camera so you can actually go and watch that video, see the very first time of when I've tried it.

So since then I've actually ordered two more of these since then and I love them. I love, love, love it so much. So I'm going to be going over a couple of questions that you guys usually ask me. So the first one is does it help with cravings? Second one is, does it fill you up? Third one is, when do I drink it? And the last thing I actually want to show you is my very favorite smoothie shake that I've been making that I absolutely love.So the first question is, does it help with cravings?

So sometimes you know when you're craving chocolate or something meant or maybe some peanut butter or something along those lines, it's really, really good for those cravings because you can make it and it's so versatile because it is vanilla flavored. You can literally make it any flavor that you possibly want. So lately I've had chocolate mint kind of like cravings or chocolate peanut butter cravings and you can make the most kick ass smoothie ever and it tastes so good and it tastes literally like you're eating your chocolate bar, but it's, it's good for you. I mean it's literally like one scoop is like a hundred calories, so you don't really feel guilty, but at the same time you're like, “Is it okay to have?” But it's so good and it's because it is a nutritional shake, it's really actually good for you. So it really is amazing for craving for sure.

So the second thing is does it fill you up? So my experience has been if I just mix it with water because I mean there is some protein in it, it doesn't tend to fill me up that much if I mix it with just water. Now if I mix it with something a little bit more substantial, say with like almond milk, I like to use cashew milk, sometimes I'd put like oatmeal in it, some fruit, maybe some peanut butter. So I like to have a little bit of substance in my smoothie, then that definitely tends to fill me up that much more. So I guess the quick answer would be, it doesn't if I just use water but it does if I add other things to it. So that's kind of like my long short answer, if that makes sense.

The third thing is, when do I drink LadyBoss Lean? So sometimes I do have it for breakfast. If I do add all those like extra things into my smoothie as well, like the oatmeal and all the rest of the stuff or I like to have it if I just had the LadyBoss Lean would just say like almond milk and maybe just the little bit of cocoa powder. I'll drink it pretty much right after workout because it's like such a good… It's really great for your muscles because you're basically just pumping your muscles right back up and just it's just really, really good for you after you workout.

So those are all the questions I had. If you guys have any more questions just post them down below and let me know. So right now I'm going to show you how to make my ultimate favorite new LadyBoss Lean shake that I've been making. So I'm going to kind of tilt you over here. If you guys can see in the background here, I left this over here for you guys. As you can tell, I have a daughter. So we have glue. We have Elmer's glue. We have a shaving cream and we have, what is this, contact solution. So if you can guess what that makes. I mean it seems like every other eight year old is making slime, so that's basically all she likes to do.

So back to my recipe. So this is basically going to be a chocolate peanut butter smoothie, which is honestly it tastes just like the Reese's peanut butter cups. It's so good. It's honestly delicious. So I'm going to grab my milk. So I like to use, it's unsweetened. Now you can use almond if you want, but this is actually creamy, creamy, creamy cashew. You can see that. I don't know. It's a thing I have to blow on it.

So I fill it up. I don't know if you guys can see that. So I like to fill it up like quite a bit, about that much. I'm not a milk person. I guess if you're a milk person you can always use milk. So I like to put it in one scoop of the LadyBoss Lean. Honestly I think I got this a week ago and it's almost gone already.

So I'm going to put it in a scoop, like so. Throwing things around, apparently. So I like to put in a tablespoon of cocoa. Again, it's like chocolate peanut butter concoction. So I'm just going to put in like pretty good tablespoon, basically like that. That was quite a bit and then instead of putting actual peanut butter in, I actually like to use powder peanut butter. Now I literally just bought this from Walmart today. But you can buy like the PB2. It's pretty good.

I've actually bought this chocolatey stuff. That one's pretty good too but this is just pretty much just like the regular powdered peanut butter. So if I can open it for you guys. All right. So now with this, I literally, I'm going to use another tablespoon. So I really like to use powder peanut butter because there's just so much flavor to it. It's so good. If you guys haven't tried powdered peanut butter in your smoothie, you are missing out.

So that's literally it and then I put the top on. Now if you want, you can always put ice in it but the Magic Bullet doesn't always like to mix up ice very good. One day I'm going to try the Ninja Bullet.

Okay. So we're plugging it in and for me, so tighten it. I always like to shake it a little bit, like that. [inaudible 00:06:47] I take it off and I shake it again. I don't know, just my thing that I do and that's it and it literally tastes like Reese's peanut butter cups.

Oh God. Look. It's so good. Actually might put a little bit more peanut butter in it. It's delicious. It's so good. Highly recommend it. Two thumbs up for sure.

So I'm going to put a link down below. You guys can actually still get… Now when I got it, I got free shipping and I got the discounted price. So I'll put a link down below for you guys so you guys can check that out as well. The discounted price, why not get a discount, right, with the free shipping. And for me, when I got my two bags, it literally took four days to get it in the mail, which is a bonus.

All right, well cheers and I will chat with you guys later. All right. Love you. Bye.

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