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So the picture you see on the left, was me about 10 years ago at around 185 lbs… (and to be honest…. I don't even think that was my heaviest because I wouldn't even get close to a scale)… so in reality, I don't even know what my heaviest weight was.

In high school I had always weighed on the upper end of 140… so growing up I was never the quote on quote ‘skinny girl’…  I had always thought of myself as ‘big boned’.

Going into my early twenties… the weight started to really creep up on me and it was really starting to affect my self esteem.

Whenever I was out shopping, I would always find myself in the magazine isle picking up these magazines with these “perfect“ women on them, who had 6 packs and these articles that would promised me.. I could “drop weight fast” or “get a 6 pack in 6 weeks”…

I swear… I followed those magazine articles to a T… but I never got anywhere with my weight… if anything… I felt like everything I was doing… was making things worse.

I really started to hate the way I looked in the mirror too… whenever I would catch a glimpse of myself naked… all I could focus on was all the disgusting fat rolls around my waist… or what I called… my “muffin top”

At this point I had pretty much convinced myself that all I needed to do…. was save enough money for a tummy tuck.. and life would be sooo much easier and I would be so much HAPPIER!

But then the worst thing happened…

I had come home for a visit (from living out West) and my dad crushed what little self esteem I had left…

As we were sitting together.. chatting about life and what I had been up too….

He stopped and starred for a minute and said point blank… ‘well you’ve gained at least 10 lbs haven’t you’.

My heart sank…

I felt crushed…

All I could say was… “ya” …and tried to brush it off quickly… as I looked the other way… so he couldn’t see me tear up.

I felt completely devastated…

and frustrated…

I was trying sooo hard… but getting no where.

I really started to believe that being skinny was genetic… and that I would NEVER get rid of these rolls because I was “big boned”

As time went on, I seemed to gain more and more weight…  And I found myself hiding behind baggy sweaters, so no one would notice me.

I never wore bathing suits… let alone any type of clothing that was tight fitting.

I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin.

I remember thinking..

Why does it have to be sooo hard?

So here’s the thing (that I wish I knew back then)… the way I was eating was completely wrong.

I would cut out carbs and fat… which would work short term.. but my body would eventually rebel and I would end up gaining even more weight.

Here’s a truth that I had to learn the hard way: these no carb, no fat diets where actually causing more harm than good on my body. I was working against my body instead of working with it.

That was true for me. Maybe it’s true for you too?

And if it is… it’s not your fault.

It’s likely that you gotten caught up in one of those “quick fix” diets too just like I had.

The good news is that once I learned how to eat properly… it honestly changed my life. I know that sounds cliche and a bit too good to be true…except it’s not.

As females, our bodies need certain foods and nutrients that I just wasn’t getting before.

Once I discovered what was holding me back from losing the weight, I became really motivated  to tell other women how I was able to lose the weight, so that others could do the same and gain back their confidence, just like I had.

 My ultimate goal is for YOU to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and feel SEXY again!!!

I've struggled… with my weight, just like you have and now it's time for me to help you feel FIT N FABULOUS.  My question is… ARE YOU READY????

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